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Protein: Tangdi Kabab marinated in saffron-infused cream and spices, and gas grilled on high heat Sides: Coriander and garlic chutney Plain yogurt Thinly sliced raw red bell peppers, onions and cucumbers Toasted garlic naan ~~~ Jan 11th 2021. Chicken leg tray on sale at the marché. Marinated them overnight. Raw veg. served slightly chilled and refreshingly crunchy.
Protein: Galbi short ribs marinated in garlic, basil, black pepper, Coca Cola, and soy sauce marinade. Ban chan: Romaine lettuce Fresh basil Pickled Radish Spicy fried tofu Baked garlic Sriracha sour cream Creamy coconut rice ~~~ 2nd January 2021. Made a quick pickled radish earlier in the day. Using the little round red radishes gives that "pink" pickle look. For both radish and tofu dishes, I made a low spice version as well.  The ribs can be done low and slow fall off the bone or hot and quick medium rare. Did the latter today.  If the tofu is not pre-marinated, make a "loose" marinade and reduce it on the stovetop with the tofu in it. Finish on a griddle. P